Participant Feedback

Participant feedback from the conference held at the Church of Nazarene, March 8-10, 2018.

I attended this conference along with approx. 60 others. It was my third attempt at this and this one worked. Why? Well the first time I really didn’t pay attention. The second time was at the Church of the Nazarene in Victoria in February 2017. This time I was angry and quit it on Friday night not returning for Saturday. The third time though I was there because I wanted and needed change in my life. There was someone I needed to forgive and I was able to do so. And I know the Holy Spirit is doing further work in me day by day since this conference.

Teaching excellent – especially about denial, anger, generational sin and Deirdre’s talk on responsibility vs. over-responsibility. Deirdre’s personal testimony illustrated concept very well.

Dysfunctional families – wonderful to know about all the dysfunctional families you find in the Bible.

Music – wonderful ministering music.

Publicity and Registration – more congregations need to attend.

Testimonies – outstanding.

Interviews – Loved that format instead of just straight teaching – nice way to share and non-threatening.

Responsibility – realized that I have far too much responsibility for situations in my family.

The timing was perfect for this conference. I am now ready to accept God’s love and guidance.

I was helped by the conference and I realize that I need more pastoral care.

The conference itself is a great balance of story, scripture, experience and insight.

Denial – excellent talk – this is the first step that every person in healing and recovering they first must stop the denial. This is a great addition to the conference that denial can give us sickness in the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional realm.

Generational sin and negative consequences – amazing prayer and tremendous freedom.

Restoring our relationship with the Father. Excellent teaching as it took me years to distinguish the difference between my earthly father and my heavenly Papa.

Individual ministry – I could feel the warmth of the Holy Spirit and the transformation that was taking place inside me as I was being prayed for.

Generational sin – I really appreciated the prayer regarding generational sin. I have tried to break the chain in my family – both failing and succeeding. This was a good session for me. I could really sense the Holy Spirit during this session.

Enjoyed the rapport and humour as you work your way through difficult situations.

Schedule and Handouts – really appreciated the team and Ron and Deirdre for giving of themselves to help us. Two hours on Thursday and Friday night all day Saturday is not quite enough time.

Handout – The booklet was amazing, very powerful and helpful. It would be wonderful to have additional copies of the abuse and sin sheets.

Excellent! Very well organized, professional and informative handout. Great sticking to the schedule.