Spring 2018 Newsletter

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Lord is Risen – He is Risen Indeed – Alleluia!

It has been a while!

This newsletter will bring you up to date on the current happenings of the Wounded Healers Ministries (WHM).  Since our Christmas newsletter, we have had the joy of hosting another conference at the Church of Nazarene.  You will find comments from some of the participants at  You can also find Pastor Gary’s comments at  Allow me to share with you the first comment from our last conference:

I attended this conference along with 60 others. It was my third attempt at this and this one worked. Why? Well the first time I really didn’t pay attention. The second time was at the Church of the Nazarene in Victoria in February 2017. This time I was angry and quit it on Friday night not returning for Saturday. The third time though I was there because I wanted and needed change in my life. There was someone I needed to forgive and I was able to do so. And I know the Holy Spirit is doing further work in me day by day since this conference.

What a joy to see others blessed in this fashion and we give all the glory to God.  We will be following up so that others can testify that the changes the writer said happened are still bearing fruit.

Recently I had the privilege of speaking at a Youth Group in our city and the Pastor in charge of the Group sent me the following email. I have omitted names and places to protect the privacy of others:

Ron, I’d like to sincerely thank you for coming to visit our group and share with us. Thank you for your generosity in giving away so many of your books! I actually had to go to the bookstore to grab a few more for youth who couldn’t be there but heard about your story and wanted a copy. It was quite amazing to me to see how well our youth responded to being invited to pray for one another. When you gave the invitation for our group to lay hands on those requesting prayer I was thinking: “oh yeah, these people who don’t even believe in Jesus and roll their eyes at me when I talk about him are going to get up and lay hands on each other.” I had to laugh at myself when I saw how God was moving amongst them. I was so proud of them acting together in community. Truly the Spirit was at work.

I knew your subject matter would speak directly to many of our group and thank you for praying and leading us in praying for one another as well as staying late to minister to … and other youth.

I’m reminding the youth weekly to read their copy of your book and will let you know when they do so then we can invite you back.

Bless you and your ministry. May God bless you richly with his presence—himself.

This is the kind of work that God is accomplishing and all I can do is stand back in amazement!  I can’t wait to go back and meet with these amazing teenagers and young people again.

A number of you know that after our last conference I was bed-ridden for about six weeks.  On the day before our recent conference, I had a bout of pericarditis.  I have wrestled with this affliction for over 30 years.  Periodically it flairs up.  I managed to get through the conference and the Archdeacons meetings the following week but then was ordered to bed.  This particular bout lasted about six weeks and I am just starting to pick up long neglected tasks.  The lesson I learned through this incident is to “slow down”.  So that is my plan for 2018. Last year I realized we did too many conferences, visits to prison and youth groups.  My nurse, my darling wife, is now monitoring the things that I can undertake.  I am not unavailable, but I need to be wiser in how I am expending my energy. To that end, I have announced to my Bishops and Deanery that I am stepping down as Archdeacon of Vancouver Island effective July 31st, so that I can expend my energy to the Wounded Healers Ministries. It has been a joy to serve as Archdeacon, but it is now time to pass the mantle unto another.

Although we have a couple of irons in the fire regarding future conferences, we have nothing firmly booked for the rest of the year.  At the moment, the only plan we have for 2018 is to take Archdeacon Tim Parent’s place for the month of July in Pembroke, Ontario while he enjoys a well-deserved sabbatical.  From Pembroke, we plan to fly to Newfoundland and spend time with our dear friend and his wife, Bishop Don and Trudy, and then on to New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island for vacation.  We hope that in the Fall we will be able to do another conference or two either in Victoria or somewhere else in Canada.

We are now blessed to have Bishop Trevor as a committed member of our team when he is available, and along with the Rev. Don Hamilton and his wife Jean, who assisted us on the last two conferences.  It’s wonderful to have a trained counsellor – Jean, as part of our ministry.  We are also blessed to have the Rev. Dr. Brett Cane as a mentor and master of ceremonies at each conference.  He is such a Godsend and we are very grateful for his vast experience and dedication to this ministry.

At our last conference, my darling wife Deirdre gave her first public talk on Responsibility vs. Over-responsibility.  What a gift!  The evaluation forms were full of tremendous compliments about her ability to tell a story and engage with the participants.  I am delighted that Deirdre was courageous enough to take this giant leap of faith and we will be hearing more and more from her as we progress in this ministry.

The work of Wounded Healers Ministries is difficult, and it would not be possible without the generous support and prayers of so many of you.  On the front lines, we are conscious of your prayers and encouragement.  Words are hard to find to adequately thank you.

You will know from previous newsletters, that we are patiently waiting for the government’s approval to recognize us as a charitable society.  We have run into a few hiccups, and are re-examining the direction in which we should move.

In the near future, the Board will meet again to see if our work can continue under the auspices of the Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC).  Bishop Trevor is willing to join our Board and to provide pastoral oversight for the ministry within the ANiC family.  If this meets with the approval of the Diocesan Council and the Wounded Healers Board, we may not need to seek further approval from government agencies.  We will keep you posted.  In the interim all gifts are to be directed to ANiC.  They are authorized to issue tax receipts on our behalf.

In 2018 we launched our new web site and this past week we added two new pages.

We continue to be very grateful for the work of Cathy Hallam (Administrator of WHM) and Sheri Eisenhuth (Administrator at The Church of the Nazarene). We are served very well by an active Board who are extremely prayerful and encouraging as this ministry moves forward.

The full text of a recent interview with Scott Hunt, the Communications Director of ANiC can be found on the website under the “Telling Our Stories” section.

In closing, may God bless you abundantly during this Spring and Summer season. Please do not hesitate to be in touch and the best way is through the Website as we will  be away most of the summer. We hope and pray that 2018 will be a year filled with God’s joy and many blessings.

Who knows, maybe this will be the year that He returns!

Come Lord Jesus!

The Lord is Risen—He is Risen Indeed—Alleluia!

Yours in Christ,

Ron Corcoran +
Archdeacon Vancouver Island
Executive Director, Wounded Healers Ministries