I’m so glad you sent me Deliver Us From Evil. I could hardly read the portions about your childhood. Most important, you emerge redeemed and loved, and equipped to help many more. You are a “trophy of grace”…
– Philip Yancey (one of Ron’s favorite authors)

You endured such suffering as a child with no one to turn to, faced many hardships as an adult and yet by the grace of God, were able to forgive those who harmed you and be in a ministry of helping others. As you said, we freely receive love, forgiveness and mercy from God and we don’t have a right to withhold them from others. …Your focus is always on God. I thank God for you and for spending the countless hours it took you to write this book. It and your ministry will definitely help others who have suffered injustice and need to find their way to Christ’s redeeming love.
– Francis

…In spite of ‘knowing him’ for several years, reading his life story of abuse and suffering is shocking and uncomfortable. Yet, his story is also encouraging and brings hope. “Time does not heal all wounds – forgiveness heals wounds”, he writes, and then makes an unbelievable claim of having forgiven his many abusers and having received God’s forgiveness. But his claims are believable because Ron’s life and ministry are a testimony of the truth of the claims and are a testimony of the truth of what he prays repeatedly, “forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us”. This ministry is encouraging and credible as his life experiences of abuse, redemption and forgiveness are a ‘letter of recommendation’ (2 Cor. 3:2) of the authenticity of God’s conquering and saving grace.
– Wallace Eggert

…the greatest force you left me with was the unbelievable power of forgiveness and of God’s grace. …With God’s help you turned it all over to Him, who was able to bring about so much good as a result. I was blessed by your writing and your endurance and your emphasis, not on the terrible things done to a small child, but on the faithfulness of our awesome God who answered your grandmother’s prayers so wonderfully.
– Sydney

…As you write, the question ‘why?’ screams out of the text, why were the anguished cries of a tortured child not heard, why did you and your brother and sister have to suffer that way.  To be trapped in this cycle is awful and one has to break free, but as you say, true freedom only arrives after one can forgive.  …if one is looking for proof of the redemptive power of love it is in your life, even more than in the words you use to describe it. You have lived the truth of your healing- which is infinitely more powerful than mere words. Well done, thou good and faithful servant.
– David

I really wanted to acknowledge your courage and strength in bringing your story to the public. Each and every time a survivor of abuse shares their own story they are giving a voice to all the other victims who don’t know how to. I believe your book will give others permission to talk about their painful pasts and to find hope in healing. It will remind everyone who reads it, that while we may not choose what happens, we can choose how we will respond. Your insightful thoughts and words are powerful reminders that we can choose love and forgiveness. Thank you!
– K. Mearns

“Deliver Us From Evil” is a book that will shock the reader. It is difficult to read but you will not be able to put it down. It takes us through sadness, horror, times of despair and a concern that the darkness will never end as we follow the abuse that the author suffered. In spite of everything we see the darkness lifted and follow Ron’s path to light and joy through God’s amazing Grace. He has become a teacher, a leader, and a strength to those struggling with their faith. Ron’s life is a reflection of God’s love.
– Keith & Kayh Linger

No one should have to endure such cruelty, such abuse, especially from one’s own family.  I wept as I read your story of abuse and captivity, it was so moving. I was shocked to read what you went through and my heart goes out to you that you have recovered and are once again healthy in the redemption of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Your Life has become an example to others that the Love and Redemption of Jesus can remove the stigma of abuse and free us from our sins and make us a complete human being. That human being originally created by God and sanctified by the Holy Spirit.
– Bishop Rob Badham

This is a powerful story of redemption that will astound and inspire you.
​Tim Schindel, Amazon Customer
​5/5 STARS

Could not put this book down, in fact I had to read it twice! 
Alice Ann Rounds, Amazon Customer

Ron’s purpose for writing this book is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, while at the same time being entirely transparent with the pain and evil that he experienced first hand. His desire is that his story will inspire hope, healing and transformation. His book is not for the faint of heart, and yet for those who seek the healing of the Lord Jesus can, with His help, be transformed more and more into the golden image of Jesus. I highly recommend
his book.
The Ven. Paul Charbonneau
Archdeacon of Southern Ontario
Rector of St. Hilda’s Church Oakville, Ontario

Deliver Us from Evil is one man’s story of a struggle with forces beyond his understanding for a great deal of his life.  I have known Ron Corcoran for a number of years and it is my privilege to stand shoulder to shoulder with him in the proclamation of the Gospel.  Ron writes in his own inimitable style with great courage about these struggles and the triumphs in his life, and brings home the core message he intends…the Love of God always shines through.  
The Venerable Paul Crossland
Archdeacon, Central Region, ANiC

I am honoured to recommend Archdeacon Ron Corcoran’s latest book,
Deliver Us From Evil.  This is truly a story, like none other, save the Scriptures themselves, of the depth and gravity of human sin and suffering in the world, and alas, human cruelty, and then the far reaching redemption, even into the depths of hell, that is ours in Christ Jesus our Lord, the one true Divine Physician.

The book also is a reminder of how adulterated spirituality can wound the human soul even more deeply than other forms of abuse, but also of the power of God who never let’s go of seeking his children and offering them healing.  I have already shared my copy with two parishioners who are finding this book to be life changing for them and a conduit of God’s healing grace in their own woundedness. Thank you Fr. Ron for having the courage to write this book. God be praised!
Archdeacon (Fr.) Michael J. McKinnon

You have written clearly and honestly yet with great respect for others throughout.  I found it to be a very encouraging testimony to Jesus the Healer.

This is a story of someone rising from the ashes…really and truly. It touched my heart deeply as I read about the hardship and heartache of this boy and all that he endured as a youngster, a teenager, and an adult. But the best part is the redemption and love that Ron experienced through his encounter with his heavenly Father. I am glad to have this book in my library, to use as a resource or to pass along to someone who may also have gone through similar circumstances.

…Your book definitely touched me. …Thank you so much for the book and for sharing your story. May God bless you and keep giving you the grace in helping others with your story.

…an amazing testimony of God’s love and healing. We very much appreciate you sharing your story with us… I was deeply moved as I read it and lent to a client who suffered a similarly horrendous and traumatic childhood – she found it very useful and it certainly helped her in her faith.  I believe it was God’s timing for us to receive the book and be able to hand it on to her.
Paul and Jillian Larsen-Robertson
Directors, Ellel Ministries Aotearoa New Zealand

….I found that your ability to describe even the most horrible abuse and neglect in a positive light truly shows that your insight and faith have brought you peace with your past.
   …Bravo to you for being able to forgive as it will truly free you from an undeserved past!  This book will surely be helpful for anyone who has endured similar experiences and will give them hope that they can overcome it.
Scott & Sylvia

About halfway through this riveting account of evil in one of its purest forms, it’s hard not to get angry at the key perpetrator and wish that justice had been served while she was here on earth. The question also arises as to how one goes about trying to repair a life started in such a unloving way. The answers are then revealed by demonstrating that forgiveness is the pathway to healing and redemption, leading to a truly happy life. Anyone who has experienced even a fraction of the abuse that Ron went through, or who has been affected by an extended encounter with evil of any kind, would benefit tremendously from reading this book, and from seeking Christian guidance to achieve a similar life-changing transformation.
Bryan and Cathie Wilson

This book plummets into the depths of depravity, showing how evil can take control of ordinary people that no one would expect to be wicked. We see this evil wreaking havoc and abuse upon a most vulnerable and unsuspecting victim. But this terrible saga also highlights the fact that God never leaves us without hope. His love is constant even when we don`t see it. One key to healing is the power of forgiveness. In this tale forgiveness is so powerful that evil does not triumph but is swallowed up in redemption. Indeed, in the end it transforms what was meant for evil into a ministry of care and concern for others.
Glenn A. Sim, Amazon Customer

A compelling true story of incomprehensible evil, and the remarkable, miraculous restoration that is possible.
Can good come out of (seemingly) unforgivable evil and hatred? Couldn’t put it down…

Deborah Brennan, Amazon Customer

Written autobiographically, Deliver us from Evil prompts a visceral reminder that humans have enormous capacity to participate in, and commit, unconscionable evil. But Ron Corcoran doesn’t flounder in his suffering. Somehow. Vulnerably, he leads the reader through his experience of the redemptive and transformative power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s his mission. In this book, and his life.
Brent, ​Amazon Customer

​This book reveals the level of evil that could be in our midst, even next door. To escape from the cesspool of such depths, this courageous, determined man grasped likely the only true life-line available to him and he shows how it is still there for others. Buy this book; you will never forget it’s heroic story.
K.L. Godwin, Amazon Customer
​5/5 STARS

I highly commend to you Archdeacon Ron Corcoran’s most recent book Deliver us from Evil. You will find it is a powerful testament to the glorious grace of our Lord. I hope you get a copy and read it. As you do, please realize that, although this compelling, well-written memoir by necessity contains disturbingly dark pages because that was his true experience, it is written very sensitively with the focus clearly on perseverance, redemption, healing, hope and forgiveness in Jesus. I am sure that many will receive from the Lord much healing that they themselves require even as they read of the Lord’s ministry so wonderfully received by Archdeacon Ron as recorded in this powerful book.
The Right Reverend Charlie Masters, Diocesan Bishop
​Anglican Network in Canada

​Ron’s life inspires me. Truly, he has lived the words and challenge from Jesus, that we can “know the truth and be set free.” Thank you Ron for your courage to write this book and the challenge for us to live free too!
​​Chris Hornibrook, Amazon Customer
5/5 STARS​

​What a lifeline you are, and will be, to those who thought they would never get out of their particular hell-hole. Forgiveness is everything. Bless you for this labor of love.
Dinah Mastine

The ultimate triumph over adversity and the subtle imbedded lessons for life make “Deliver Us From Evil” a book that I hope transcends time. After all, who can’t identify with and have compassion for the pain and suffering of an innocent child? Who would have the strength to stand up against multiple torments for almost five decades?  Who has the Grace to get over a life like this, move into a glorious present and have hope for the future?  Read this truly wonderful book and see it all unfold. You will be glad you did.
David Kilshaw

This book was so compelling. My mother’s heart longed to turn back time so I could go and rescue that precious little boy! Praise God for His redeeming power. Ron’s story gives all who have experienced any kind of parental or adult abuse Great Hope! Thank you Ron for sharing your story! May God produce a great harvest of healed and restored souls through this book!
Sheri Eisenhuth

I could not put the book down once I started, and it brought me to tears as I read of the pain and rejection he and his brother experienced, but it is such a story of hope—hope for all who have walked a similar path—and it left me so encouraged, and rejoicing in how our amazing Father God gives beauty for ashes.  What a story of hope and redemption in the midst of despair.

Couldn’t put this book down. It is a story of hope from the ashes of an abused childhood and the redemptive power of Christ in the life of a man with courage enough to choose deliverance over anger and hatred to people who caused him great pain. It is the story of a man living life intentionally. A riveting read whether you are a Christian or not.
Trudy Chiswell, Amazon Customer

​This true journey from abuse to forgiveness is like a canvas that shows effects of abuse on individuals and families, God’s ever present love, and the joy of healing and wholeness. Great bibliography!
Bonnie Carmen, ​Amazon Customer
​5/5 STARS

Read it cover to cover. An amazing story of a truly beautiful person who emerged from a cesspool of unimaginable multifaceted pain and neglect from early childhood. The power of God’s love clearly evident in his life. Ultimately, a story of hope and of the need not to turn a blind eye to the suffering of others.
Anonymous, Amazon Customer
​5/5 STARS​

This is a massively gripping book… the stark reality of evil so dark and a power so bright that it overcomes. This child was gripped by cruelty and his story awakens a memory of the ancient story of Joseph and his brothers. Through much affliction, from ashes to beauty, Ron has risen to bless the Lord. This will be a great gift to many people who have known brokenness and suffering. A must read!!
Karli B,  Amazon Customer
​5/5 STARS