Ron Corcoran:  Currently, we have about 18 members on the Wounded Healers Ministry team. Some will be available for administrative tasks, some for intercession, and some for praying and others for the laying on of hands. One of the things that is really important to me about this ministry is that I will be able to work closely with my wife Deirdre. For many years Deirdre has been the one who has quietly supported me in the background with her intercessions, counsel and wisdom. Now we have the opportunity to stand together in this new work and I am so looking forward to doing this with her. She will be travelling with me on this adventure.

Also, in every parish we visit, we host a mid-week training and equipping evening for those involved in Prayer Ministry in the Parish. Those who have been trained will be commissioned then become members of our team and they will have the opportunity to have a ‘hands-on’ experience during the conference. After our departure from the Parish these Prayer Ministers will be available for follow up with any participants who need further ministry with Prayer Ministers.