Although Wounded Healers began in the Anglican Network, it will not be restricted to Network churches. I want to make it available to as many churches, community centres or schools as possible. The Staff and Board at Church of the Nazarene in Victoria (who have been extremely supportive of this work) have also commissioned us for this ministry.

Wounded Healers Ministries has the full support of the Anglican Network bishops as we move into the future. When Bishop Charlie Masters commissioned Deirdre and me for this new work at the 2016 Synod, he said:

“I highly commend to you Archdeacon Ron Corcoran’s most recent book, Deliver Us From Evil. You will find it is a powerful testament to the glorious grace of our Lord. I hope you get a copy and read it. I thank God that Archdeacon Ron had the courage to write this story of redemption and new life in Jesus. I believe it has already been a catalyst for many to receive the Healing they need in Jesus. I anticipate there will be many ANiC congregations, and others, who will want to invite Archdeacon Ron and a small team with him, who are calling themselves WOUNDED HEALERS, to minister to individual congregations or groups of congregations, drawing on the experience of healing and redemption Archdeacon Ron writes of so wonderfully in this book.”

Bishop Trevor Walters who wrote the first endorsement for the book said:

“It is compelling reading… It is miraculous that someone could come through so much adversity and yet be able to have had a successful ministry… I could not put the book down.” It is my intention to offer this ministry to Anglican Network in Canada parishes across the country as well as any other Christian groups that would benefit from a week long healing conference. At present the finances for this ministry are being managed through the Anglican Network In Canada offices and we are very grateful for their support as this ministry begins.”