Pray for Us

Prayer is vital to Wounded Healers. This work will not be effective unless it is soaked in prayer and humility. Before each event, conference facilitator Ron Corcoran aims to be in the parish setting at least three or four days closeted in prayer and study.

We welcome your prayers as well during the pioneering phase of this new ministry. If you have a moment right now, please pray:

  • That those who have been wounded and broken will seek freedom from their pain at a Wounded Healers conference.
  • Heightened awareness of the need for this vital ministry within Canada and across North America.
  • That opportunities will abound and the doors of host churches will be opened.
  • For the Holy Spirit to continue to anoint and bless this ministry and His faithful servants, who are committed to this privilege of helping others, through Him.

Thank you!  If you would like to join us in continued intercession, please contact us about joining the team for this purpose.

This song from worship leader Audrey Assad gives voice to what we hope to fulfill as Wounded Healers.